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The village is a favorite spot for migratory birds, and it's not uncommon to encounter white-tailed eagles in the fields.

Deer, moose, badgers, hedgehogs, cranes, squirrels, and wild boars are the local inhabitants in the surrounding forests, marshes, and fields. The untouched nature in the vicinity has captivated many visitors and won the hearts of foreigners.

It's worth taking a pleasant walk or a bike ride to explore the surroundings. We have created a Google Map with cultural heritage highlights, so that you can visit the main nearby places. Check the map here.

Read more about various visitor attractions in the Western Harju Parish here.

Certainly, explore the RMK hiking trails: Nature Together.

Among our top recommendations are:

* The beautiful Tänavjärv for swimming and canoeing (a lovely sandy beach in the middle of the bog). For those who prefer warmer water and want to splash around, especially with children, there are several swimming spots in Vasalemma quarry. Additionally, you can go for a walk on the health trail, exercise in the outdoor gym, and practice balance in the adventure park for children and toddlers. Next to the health trail is a disc golfi course with 10 baskets.
* At Alliklepa beacht, you can find small fossils.
* For hiking enthusiasts, there is a very enjoyable RMK hiking trail along lake Valgejärve.
* Everyday hikes are pleasant in the woods behind Kõmmaste Kõmmaste (ideal for modern-day hiking - good wide forest paths). You can start, for example, near the Harju-Risti store, and make a detour at Kõmmaste. If it's the time for blueberries, you'll probably already have a full stomach on the way.
* Definitely Keila-Joa, climb Rummu hill, and explore Padise monastery.
* Rätsepa Tourist Farm's animal park and café are worth a visit (open from Tuesday to Sunday).
* On a clear day, Nõva beach is a nice place to sit on the sand and watch the sunset.

* Other points of interest can be found on commonly used maps.

* And don't forget to just be and relax – Uneallika is perfect for that :)

Personally, we enjoy the early mornings on warm days when the sun is already shining but hasn't heated everything up yet – that's just wonderful!

Tallinn surrounding areas

Keila-Joa park


Shops on the map

Nearest shops: Harju-Risti Meie pood and Kasepere Kasepere kauplus

Uneallika loodus

One-day hiking routes

Activities continue in our surroundings for more than one day. We have listed the one-day trips separately, here you can make your choice according to the trails you have already visited. Don't forget to spend a good time at the Uneallika farm.

I created a Google Maps guide for nearby attractions and historical (sometimes oral) landmarks: Google Maps link

google mapsi kaart Pae Kõmmaste Hatu Padise Nõva
For vacationers on site:
* In the morning, cycling to the Harju-Rist health trail and exploring the surroundings, in the afternoon, for example, a kayak trip on Tänavjärvi
* Sunbathing, listening to birdsong, barbecuing on site - in the evening, a kayak trip in the Pakri bay along the Kurkse strait
* Cycling in the surrounding area
* A kilometer away is the Rätsepa farm's mini-zoo.
* By car to Harju-Rist church, Church visit - by car to our shop - a short hike in the pine forest between Harju-Rist and Kõmmaste (circular)

For swimming lovers and families with children, we recommend:
* Whole day in Rummu
* Pleasant and peaceful (with few people) sunbathing and splashing in the water in a unique swamp lake with a sandy beach - Tänavjärv
* Visit to Padise monastery - health trail and disc golf course in Vasalemma - swimming in Vasalemma quarry. Here you can also add a trip to Kallaste farm, where there are many activities for children (day ticket).

For hikers:
* In the mid-morning Valgejärve hiking trail - at lunch you come to Uneallika to eat/relax/grill - in the evening we will take you on a kayak trip to Paldiski Bay between Kurkse vaina and Madise. Bring pinochle!
* Alliklepa beach to look for fossils - Nõva Break cafe - RMK Nõva looduskeskus-infopunkt (info/museum) - Liivanõmme learning trail (with smart game, heritage culture, circular) - Toaste lake for swimming - Eat at Nõva cafe - Lepaauk
* Trip to Pakri from Paldiski/Kurkse
* Amandus Adamson Studio Museum - Paldiski hiking trail. See more HERE

More activities:
* Horse riding in Vihterpalu stable
* Niitvälja golf
* Grill and chili during the day, in the evening at a concert at Kallaste farm :)
* For groups, a visit to the Kloostrimetsa cider farm (with snacks)
* Guided walks (Helena Trei tel. 5572784 in Estonian, Finnish, English, Russian (areas of Padis, Rummu and historical Rist parishes); Andus Kuiva phone 55576087 in Estonian and Russian (Paldiski, Pakri islands, Madise, Padise))