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Ritual sauna "Hunt-Karu" for your group.

rituaalisaun Harjumaal

A mere 40-minute drive from Tallinn, you and your group can experience an invigorating and purifying sauna ritual under the guidance of an experienced ritual master.

The sauna is private, located away from the main buildings, wood-fired, without electricity, and is suitable for a large group, ideally up to 14 people.

Sauna Ritual

The sauna ritual is a spiritual experience that helps us find balance and harmony. It is an opportunity to experience the power of the sauna, cleansing the mind, heart, and body. In addition, you can experience the traditional power of the sauna.

The sauna is a place of healing, dying, birth, and purification. The secrets hidden within the ritual sauna are always an exciting and unpredictable journey.

The sauna ritual is designed for every healthy individual. It lasts 2.5 hours and includes whisking, recitations, body peeling, and breaks. It is not advisable to consume alcohol before the sauna ritual! Alcohol consumption during your time in the sauna is strictly prohibited. Water or tea is provided for hydration, and you can bring your plastic water bottle for sipping during breaks.

When attending the ritual, bring comfortable shoes that are easy to remove, a light cotton towel for sauna use, a terrycloth towel for drying afterward, and either a sauna hat or a cotton towel for your head. If needed, you can rent cotton towels (3 EUR each).

The price for the sauna ritual with a duration of approximately 2.5-3 hours is 350 EUR.

Sauna Rental

If you are staying with us and want to enjoy the sauna with your group, the cost for using the ritual sauna (approximately 3 hours) is 75 EUR. If you use leafy birch vihtas during your sauna session, the price is 100 EUR. Wood is provided by us. Be sure to read additional information about heating.

You can also rent the sauna without staying overnight. The price is 100 EUR for 4 hours. If you use leafy birch vihtas, the price is 125 EUR. Wood is provided by us. Read heating as well.

If you prefer us to heat the sauna for you, there is an additional fee of 25 EUR.

You can also borrow cotton sauna towels from us for 3 EUR each.

Note: The sauna is not a place for consuming alcohol...

Sauna Women of Uneallika

Did you know that visiting the sauna can be much more than just a quick steam in a hot space? Sauna masters have the knowledge to teach you ancient skills, customs, and practices that transform the sauna experience into something truly memorable. With their guidance, you can explore sauna sessions in an entirely new light.



"I graduated from Alar Krautman's Health Academy in the field of Estonian traditional medicine last year, and sauna rituals were a significant part of our studies. The sauna serves as a place for healing, transitions in life, and purification. The way in which the ritual sauna conceals mysteries makes it a fascinating and unpredictable journey. Coming from a generation where the sauna equaled celebration, viewing the sauna with a fresh perspective is heartwarming and personally meaningful. I feel a calling to conduct sauna rituals to help more people connect with themselves. A sauna ritual is a several-hour-long sauna journey where both the body and mind are cleansed, and gratitude is expressed to the Sauna Master and the sauna itself. It's an opportunity to sing traditional songs, perform body care rituals, experience moments of silence, and make wishes. A good sauna experience involves proper wood-burning, clear thoughts, and presence. Since I don't have a sauna of my own, inviting me to your place or event could be a great idea. Thank you!"



I have Seto roots, and in my ancestors' farmhouse in Meremäe, a small smoke sauna has been preserved, where generations of ancestors have experienced sauna rituals on the sauna bench. My understanding of the sauna's spiritual power deepened through Native American purification rituals. A ritual sauna is a place where the soul and body are laid bare, allowing us to experience a profound connection with ourselves and the cosmic universe. In the sauna, the mind becomes clear, the soul bright, and the body light. I conduct sauna rituals at the Uneallika Farmhouse. Additionally, you can invite me to bless your sauna for significant life events, such as birthdays or a young woman's transition to adulthood.

The story of the sauna

On a beautiful summer day, a mysterious sauna appeared at Uneallikas. In reality, the "appearance" took a bit more than a month, but let's not dwell on that...

The place has a long-standing tradition, as there was a sauna on the same spot a hundred years ago. It's like a magical place that transports your thoughts exactly where you need them to be at that moment. It's undoubtedly a place for relaxation and purification.

The view of the trees from the window is truly soothing and pleasant. Enjoying the sunset during the summer months makes you forget all your worries and concerns. The sunset sky is filled with ever-changing colors... It's an experience in itself, where you can appreciate the beauty of nature, delve into a profound existence, and simply be.

saun Hunt-Karu Harjumaal rituaalisauna nägu
Hunt-Karu (Wolf-Bear)