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Relax in a vacation house

puhkemaja kahele Tallinna lähedal Uneallika puhketalus

Vacation house "Hoburaud" - where the past meets the present.

Experience accommodation with a sauna in the vacation house "Hoburaud" for up to 5 people (an ideal vacation house for two) in a barn that is more than 120 years old!

5 bed spaces (140*200 bed and 90*200 bed upstairs, fold-out sofa (140*200) downstairs).
Sheets and towels included. Washed sheets are air-dried, not ironed.
NB! There is an air heat pump upstairs, so the house is at a suitable temperature even in hot weather.
Wifi, Netflix, large television.
Electric Finnish sauna soome saun saunaga puhkemajas Hoburaud, wc, shower, soap, shampoo
Stove, microwave oven, kettle, coffee maker, teapot. If you love coffee, bring your preferred coffee with you. Peppermint for tea can be picked from the yard at any time.
Salt, pepper, sugar, oil
Roofed terrace, outdoor fireplace
Grill option (bring your own charcoal or wood or buy locally)
Spacious yard for walking

Suitable for up to a 5-member group, ideally for two or three. The house price varies based on the number of people.

NB! The second floor is accessed by a ladder-like stairs, quite narrow. The sauna door width is 60 cm. The entrance to the barn has an old
Estonian-style door with a latch, meaning it is very low. Consider these peculiarities when renting.

Bring comfortable slip-on shoes to easily take off when entering the terrace and put back on when leaving.

Please leave the house and terrace in order after your stay! Read also about the conditions of the vacation house with a sauna.

Our guests in the sauna-equipped house:

- Couples looking to spend time in an authentic sauna house and do a bit of grilling
- People who love the rustic and authentic atmosphere
- Friends who want to spend a pleasant evening together
- Cyclists whose route passes nearby
- Mini-groups exploring the surroundings
- Parties happening in the main house, with additional small houses being rented
- And others

Prices depend on the season, day of the week, and the number of people.

The story of the house

"Hoburaud" is one of the oldest buildings at Uneallika Farm, constructed over 100 years ago as a barn to store valuable farm assets. This is affirmed by the presence of the original barn door with a traditional lock that has endured through the years.

During the floor renovation, several horseshoes were unearthed, inspiring the name "Hoburaud" (Horseshoe). We renovated the house with care and affection, aiming to preserve its history and charm. Additionally, we added a sauna to provide a relaxing space to unwind and escape the stresses of daily life. A terrace was also incorporated, allowing for year-round grilling and leisure after a sauna session, accommodating our variable weather conditions.

Here, you can experience the convergence of the past and present.

Perfect vacation home for two.
Come and enjoy