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Vacation in a cabin with a sauna

saunaga puhkemaja

Log house "Hõbeprees" - Forget everyday worries

6 bed spaces (4 mattresses upstairs, a fold-out corner sofa downstairs).
Sheets and towels included. Washed sheets are air-dried, not ironed.
NB! There is an air heat pump upstairs, so the house is at a suitable temperature even in hot weather.
Wifi, Netflix, large television.
Electric Finnish sauna, toilet, shower, soap, shampoo.
Stove, microwave, kettle, coffee maker. If you love coffee, bring your preferred coffee with you. Mint for tea can be picked from the yard at any time.
Large fridge with 3 freezer drawers.
Salt, pepper, sugar, oil.
Covered terrace, outdoor swing.
Outdoor grilling option (bring your own charcoal or wood, or you can also buy them on-site).
Large yard for walking.

Accommodation experience for up to 6 people in a more than 120-year-old barn!

Suitable for groups of up to 6 people. The price of the house depends on the number of people. Please note that there is a ladder leading to the second floor.

Bring comfortable, easily removable shoes so that it's easy to take them off when entering the terrace and put them back on when going the other way.

Please leave the house and terrace in order after use. Read the conditions here

Our guests in the barn house include:

- Couples who want to spend time in an authentic cottage with a sauna and enjoy grilling outdoors.
- People who love rustic and authentic experiences.
- Friends who want to have a pleasant evening together.
- Cyclists with a route nearby.
- Participants in nearby horse races.
- Visitors to Rummu.
- Visitors to Northwestern Estonia.
- Groups exploring the surrounding area.
- Those celebrating a small birthday.
- And others.

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The story of the house

When a year ago, a Heritage Protection Officer visited us, he claimed that the oldest building on this land likely stood right here. This assumption was based on the limestone blocks we tried to preserve as much as possible. During the floor replacement, it became apparent that there might have been a limestone building on this spot before the wooden structure. The artifacts found during soil sifting further supported this theory. Among the discoveries were coins and jewelry spanning multiple centuries. One significant find inspired the name of the barn - "Hõbeprees."

What are the stories behind these artifacts? Who left or lost them there? Regardless, they once belonged to people who lived here centuries ago. This makes us feel that this place is truly special.

If you are looking for a place to experience that mystique, come and stay at the sauna-equipped vacation house "Hõbeprees". Here, you can uncover secrets that have awaited revelation, exploring them from within yourself, through dreams, or altered states of consciousness.

Come and enjoy

Silver Brooch from the 18th century